BB Junction on Fairbanks this hamburger joint has closed. They closed on Sept 11th. As u may recall this is the same building where 4 Rivers BBQ started out. However, new tenants are moving in. Of course its another restaurant. Welcome Hunger Street Tacos. This mobile caterer will be opening up in this location in the near future.

A new place called Wine & Corks has opened on East Church St.

In beautiful Lake County where Clermont is located a new restaurant named Orlando Cat Cafe has opened. Speaking of  Clermont i was there recently checking out Mesa21. I really enjoyed their street tacos. Its a very interesting new tex mex outfit with a authentic feel of Mexico and its fast casual. The same owners are also building another location by Lake Ivanhoe where Gargi’s was located. However, this place will offer a sit down service. They have also pushed their opening dates back several times. The latest opening date I hear is now Novemberish. I spoke to the owner in Clermont of Mesa21. He also stated he has other locations planned besides these two. He is making some big investments in Mesa21 s.

Also a Taste of Yucatan is open. They are located on 436 near Curry Ford Rd.

Do you like Latin food? If so, Rice & Beans Cocina Latina has opened up shop in Winter Park in the Aloma Shopping Center.

The owners that run Hamburger Mary’s in downtown Orlando on Church St has a new concept named Mary’s Side Bar Cafe and this new restaurant will open in October. It will offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mary’s Side Bar took over the location once occupied by the Desert Lady.

I also understand the Kilted Tilt in Lake Mary has closed. Don’t get to upset, there are more located in town.

Earl’s Kitchen and Bar, a group out of Canada will open at the Mall of Millenia. They will open where Blue Martini was located. I am looking forward to the media preview event next week. They are due to open to the public on Sept 21. When I first saw the name of this place many months ago I thought it was Robert Earl’s restaurant. Especially since he is a well known restaurateur that lives in the area. But its not. So don’t get confused Orlando foodies.

There is restaurant news in Lake Nona, ladies and gents.  Chroma Modern Kitchen & Bar is officially opening Sept 21. The company behind this concept is the Tavistock Restaurant Collection.

How about some BBQ news? Central FL has some good BBQ joints. Well this may or may not surprise you. The fine folks at 4 Rivers Smoke House has come up with a new vegetarian menu. Are u a meatless type of person?  Well they have offerings for u now. They keep getting smarter with simple versatility. Are these new veggie items healthy? I don’t know, and have not checked the calorie count but I am sure they are seasoned have some cheese on it and tasty!

Thanks for reading!