Recently I was at Seasons 52 for dinner on Sand lake Rd in Orlando. Last time I was there I was told I really needed to try the Lasagna that is only on the menu for a certain amount of time. The menu in front of me had the lasagna on it for the prix fixe menu.  I tried to order the lasagna on the last nite of the special menu, and they were out. They was hard to believe but that is what I was told. Huh? Anyway this review is not about my dinner its about a starter I liked. I scanned through the menu checking out the appetizers first. I ordered my usual standard flat bread. It was light, thin, tasty and good as usual. However, my eye caught an unusual suspect on the menu. It was a fresh Florida Stone Crab Claw, served with lemon and mustard sauce and a claw breaker if that is proper to say. It was priced at $10.95 per claw. The one I had is pictured in this review. It was very good! Almost as good as Joe’s Stone Crabs in Miami. Of course it was not cheap in my opinions. Eat 5-7 of these and then check out your bill and you still wont be comfortably full. However, the one I tried at Seasons 52 was good, and the presentation was also splendid. Would I try it again? Yes, I recommend it.

Florida Stone Crab Claw from Seasons 52