When I am in the mood for a hotdog or in this case a chili dog I head over to Hotdog Heaven. This food institution has been around since 1987. If you have been around this long, in this town, you are doing many things right. Hotdog Heaven has been specializing in authentic Chicago Hot Dogs prepared with Vienna Beef products. These quality products are shipped in from Chicago rather frequently for the authentic taste. Hot dogs, buns, and the toppings are all from Chicago.
Hotdog Heaven’s hotdogs are from Vienna Beef Company, because of their commitment to quality. Vienna Beef hot dogs are carefully made using lean bull beef and only beef.
I stopped by lunch recently. As usual, there was a line. But usually that is a good sign for good food. That was indeed the case. I went with the Chili Dog and fries. As I tasted  the hotdog I could feel and hear the sound of that snapping noise. That is when I know  this is a Vienna Beef Hotdog. On top of  the hotdog was hot tasty seasoned up chili and yellow mustard.  The combination of the hotdog and the chili  and mustard and the fresh poppy seed bun made for a delicious well prepared hotdog. I also sampled the fries. They are nothing special but not bad tasting either. It was definitely worth the wait.  I can definitely recommend Hotdog Heaven! Go check it out!

Hot Dog Heaven is located at 5355 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL. Www.hotdogheaven.com